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Deep Release for the Back

Do you have a lot of tension in your neck and shoulders - do they feel 'locked up' or do you have stubborn lower back tension or both? Then this treatment is for you.

Drawing techniques from Swedish massage, Indian Head Massage and advanced techniques for the neck and shoulders this bespoke treatment is designed to ease hard-to-reach tension that has accumulated in the back.

More effective than a pure back massage on the couch it may incorporate techniques in a seated position as well as work on the couch in both prone (face down) and supine positions (face up). Working from different angles allows a wider variety of strokes and techniques to be used, each building upon the other to achieve a much more effective result.

Often after just one treatment a client feels much lighter in their shoulders with better neck mobility, lower back pain is eased or eradicated and hips are more supple allowing for better posture and more ease when walking and exercising.
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