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At present there are 4 practice packs in the range. Each pack has four papers. There are 4 sections of 15 questions in each paper. 60 questions in total.

The questions are based around the following areas:-
  • Analogies
  • Codes
  • Isomorphic Relationships
  • Matrices
  • Sequences

What sets's range apart from most other practice papers is that the answers we provide actually explain how you get the answer. This is invaluable when you are trying to understand where you have gone wrong.

We can appreciate how different schools use different styles of papers. Some use multiple-choice, others use the Standard version. We also appreciate how expensive it is buying all these practice papers. For this reason we have also included a multiple choice answer sheet for you to use alongside the questions that you already bought. We have taken the view that there is no point whatsoever in you buying two versions of the same thing.

Most practice packs come in a paper format which you can use only once before they are no longer of any use. has taken a slightly different approach.

You will receive an email which contains the Packs that you have bought. You will also get a detailed answer sheet for each paper. Each paper is in PDF format. This format allows you to print off and practise the papers over and over again.

The detailed answer sheet will show you where you are going wrong and hopefully you will learn from your mistakes! Whilst not guaranteed, progress should come quickly.

Examples of the standard of questions can be seen below:-

Analogies Click here to open
Codes Click here to open
Isomorphic Relationships Click here to open
Matrices Click here to open
Sequences Click here to open
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