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To some an examination paper of Non Verbal Reasoning or NVR as it is sometimes referred to can be a daunting prospect. Page after page of pictorial questions which to the untrained eye can lead to despair and that inevitable feeling of failure. All the hard work they have put in, all the leisure time they have missed, all the stress and sacrifices that their parents have endured, will be for nothing. All in order to excel at their 11+ entrance exams.

But it doesn't have to be that way. is a website dedicated to Non Verbal Reasoning. Our aim is not just to provide children with practice papers but also equip them with knowledge that will enable them to tackle any pictorial questions that appear in their forthcoming selective or 11+ examinations.

There are nearly 1,000 questions in all, covering five key areas of:-
  • Analogies
  • Codes
  • Isomorphic Relationships
  • Matrices
  • Sequences
Our questions have been designed to cover such key disciplines as :-

Changes in Size, Shading, Layering, Variations in Numbers, Object Angles / Position, Rotation, to name but a few.

Our questions range in terms of difficulty. There are some slightly easier ones to build your child’s confidence but these range up to the level of difficulty that they will encounter in their exams. They are not arranged in difficulty order as the development of time management skills is crucial if your child is going to succeed in these exams.

Like it or not Non Verbal Reasoning and the ability to do it plays a key part in determining the school that your child will go to for the next 7 years. But it doesn't end there. By now you have realised that getting your child into the best possible school can give them a massive head start in life. Missing out at such a young age when their true potential has rarely been recognised is a crime that can be easily avoided.

Whilst getting into a top state school is not the end of the world there is also the private schooling route. The financial difference between a good state school and going to a private one is roughly £100,000 over 7 years.

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