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With a musical career spanning more than 20 Years, Chris is a self taught professional musician with many years experience performing to public audiences. Chris has often been hailed as a virtuoso musician by his contemporaries, being able to play in various styles of music, including jazz, blues, pop, latin, light classical, country and more. Chris has a unique style and is a hit with any audience of any age. He is at home on many keyboard orientated instruments, including both acoustic and digital piano, electronic organ and synthesizer.
Having owned many
electronic organs &
keyboards from an early age,
Chris has a wealth of
knowledge on how to get the
best out of each individual

Chris is very passionate about
jazz, and this shows in his
performances, whether its just a
cool ballad, or a full blown Be bop
tempo jazz piece. Being able to
adapt to any genre of music makes
Chris great choice for your special occasion.
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